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Code Naming Schema

Each website / collection in the BTAA Geoportal has an alphanumeric code. This code is also added to each metadata record to facilitate administrative tasks and for grouping items by their source. Some of the Codes are randomly generated strings, but most are constructed with an administrative schema described below:

First part of string Contributing institution
01 Indiana University
02 University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign
03 University of Iowa
04 University of Maryland
05 University of Minnesota
06 Michigan State University
07 University of Michigan
08 Pennsylvania State University
09 Purdue University
10 University of Wisconsin-Madison
11 The Ohio State University
12 University of Chicago
13 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
14 Rutgers University
Second part of string Type of organization hosting the datasests
a State
b County
c Municipality
d University
f Other (ex. NGOs, Regional Groups, Collaborations)
g Federal
Third part of string The sequence number added in order of accession or a county FIPs code
-01 First collection added from same institution and type of organization
-02 Second collection added from same institution and type of organization
-55079 County FIPS code for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin


code for a collection sourced from Milwaukee County: '10b-55079'